Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Tim Burton's Infinite Dream by

I've believed for the longest time possible that my greatest fear is that of drowning, for that's how close I've come to death not once, but twice (aged 6 and 21)! But then, a recurring dream has made me reconsider. And since there's no one around who'd analyze it (definitely not looking for Freudian analyses), I have come to the conclusion that it stems from a fear of being unprepared

This fear is not so uncommon. It invades the private realms of everyone's dreams; at least once in our lifetime. Me? I've lost count. And every time, it plays out a hauntingly familiar pattern. 

I'm back in school/college, walking around nonchalantly in a buzzing crowd of excited students. There is a palpable tension in the air & I can't fathom what the fuss is all about. I enquire about it & the answer makes my blood freeze. There's an examination I knew nothing about, or one whose preparation I have repeatedly postponed, in five minutes. I panic! I want to scream but alas, it's a soundless dream. 
          A dream.   

         Just a dream. 

          Wake up! 


One would think that being suckered many a times would alert you that it is indeed a dream the next time you have it. But fear is stronger than reason, which is why it trumps common sense again and again and again. And teaches you something about yourself. There are no prizes for guessing what must be done to conquer that fear. A dream is a technicolored manifestation of our innermost thoughts. Whether that lesson is imbibed or not, remains to be seen in thoughts & actions thereforth. 

Heed your dreams; they sure aren't mere unconscious entertainment!

I'd sure hate to have this one again though...


  1. Don't you hate it, when you type a really long comment and it just goes poof before you hit the publish button? ._. Ugh, I do.. Blah, I have to type again. >.<

    Anyways, yes, nightmares and messed up dreams are just horrible. I hate them. I guess everyone does. I have been having messed up dreams as well.
    Ah, people actually say that whatever we dream about is a sign of what is going to happen to us in the future. So yeah, it's sort of scary. But, then again, it's all up to us. Things happen when we believe in them. If we believe that nothing bad is going to happen then no one on earth can mess anything up! Though, it's never too bad to be more careful. (:
    I hope nothing goes wrong for you. Stay safe, stay blessed. (: <3

  2. Hahaha NO.. please NO. When I fall asleep during day I have extremely weird dreams. I'm trying (sometimes while bursting out in laughter) to shake them of as quickly as possible. The mind is still a barely discovered foreign country. Who knows, it might be evil and playing tricks with us!

  3. It's true that dreams emerge from the subconscious and the unconscious realms of the mind. By trying to make some sense of it, you have tried to understand yourself better. Hope you are better prepared to deal with it now. :) All the best.

  4. So, I HAVE had similar dreams before in my teens (actually one of them is EXACTLY the same as you described). One of them even included me reaching to school for an exam and realising I was wearing bare minimum clothing. Looking back and upon further analysis I think its more an insecurity and being insecure about your vulnerability than fear of lack of preparation. Its a sign that your self confidence is a bit shaky even if not visibly so, and most likely its a reaction to sensing imminent change. I realize this was posted 2 yrs ago, so you must have obviously moved on, but hope you didnt get the dream again.