Monday, September 10, 2012


You've heard this one before. I've read it at different places at different times & texts, but when I put the two together, it makes more sense than it does individually.

"To make it big, you must dream big. And to turn your dreams into reality, you must wake up & go for it"

Remember when as children, someone would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up? We'd give answers like "astronaut, scientist, movie star" & the people wouldn't take it seriously, terming them as ridiculous. Why were these fantasies deemed so? Why were they dismissed as the ramblings of one who did not know what they were talking about? Who is to say that if a child wants to become the biggest media mongul in the world, they can't? I feel that as we grow up, we begin to limit ourselves to focusing so much on a single-minded life that we forget that we are more than just a 9-to-5 job, that we are beings of infinite possibilities. In school & college, most of us handled academics, extra-curricular activities, sports & then some more with equal panache. Then what is stopping us now from going beyond it? The burden of age? Extra responsibilities? Lack of time? Really, is that the best excuse you can come up with?

I stepped outside my comfort zone of art & music and began exploring public speaking, debates & theatre whilst in school. Then after college, I moved from a possibly lucrative & secure profession like Dentistry to an uncertain, volatile but creatively fulfilling one that I breathe in today. Within this, I moved from what I knew I was good at (singing) to something I took a risk with (public speaking & acting) and then something I was petrified of (dancing)! There is so much to do yet, and I'm no star. There are people who've done much better & bigger and they are beacons of inspiration for us. They show us that if you will it, it will happen.

All of this might sound pretty fantastic and it is! It's not easy at all, but its not impossible either. And when has anything easy ever been fun? Remember, the joy lies more in the challenge than in the prize. When I speak to you through my words, I'm also having a conversation with myself to birth inspiration. Tough as it may seem to do so much, it would be grave injustice to waste a single moment or opportunity in our lives, whatever the outcome or degree of success might be. We have one life, and we must live it to the fullest. Our interpretation of that could be limited, and it widens every single day we're truly "alive". Learn, read, write, observe, travel, experiment, take risks, be unreasonable, DARE! Soak all life has to offer. Be a sponge, not a duck's back.

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man persists in trying to make the world adapt to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." George Bernard Shaw

I remember dreaming big as a kid. As a child, it wasn't about riches or success; those are dreams we get programmed to have once we start growing up & start believing that survival, wealth & power are all there is to in this world (which, by the way isn't true). My initial dreams were colorful like most Hindi films; no story to speak of but with lush, open, gigantic spaces/structures which you could drink eyefuls of. I interpret that as the freedom of my mind, unfettered, uncluttered and willing to explore. That has been responsible for my exploring new avenues in spite of being settled in what I am.

I want to be a man who never stopped dreaming, for in our subconscious lies our bare desires, unmasked by norms & notions. We all have the capacity to outdo ourselves & exceed our wildest expectations. We just don't know how powerful we are, or how fantastic our mind is which can overcome every damned hurdle. Self-doubt is the dark cloud that obscures our ability to deliver & the best of people suffer from this. These are vulnerable moments which suck at you like parasites, making you believe in everything but your own worth. Mind you, it's not a disability; rather it only proves you're human. Nevertheless, the fear of failure is debilitating & can stop us from taking those chances that could change our lives, mostly for good. This monster must be overcome & slain, for it is not undefeatable.

I could quote more wise men from over the centuries but since I'm a huge Batman & Christopher Nolan fan, I'll quote from Batman Begins, the first of the Dark Knight trilogy:

"Why do we fall Bruce? So that we learn to pick ourselves up"

In each of us lies the strength to overcome all odds, against all odds.
Tell me now, what kind of a person do YOU want to be?

Dream, my friend. Dream the big dream. And when you wake up, work hard & smart to make that dream a reality. I will continue dreaming big, and so should you.

A slight modification to one of my favorite quotes: "Reach for the skies. For even if you miss, you'll still be among the stars, far above the barren land of buried ambitions."

खुदी को कर बुलन्द इतना
कि हर तक़दीर से पहले
खुदा बन्दे से खुद पूछे
बता, तेरी रज़ा क्या है


  1. superlike chang ..just love the spirit in the post...:)

  2. We;re never too young to dream big.. I like that..

    When I was young I wanted to be come a pilot or join the airforce.Then it went to becoming a teacher or professor while I was doing my +2. Now I am something else differently.. Do i enjoy it? Most of it? Do i miss something? Yes

  3. This one was amazing. Made me feel Nostalgic. I remember when I was little and when people(teachers actually) used to ask, "What do you want to be?" I used to say an astronaut, artist, fashion designer, photographer and what not. I wanted to be everything. I have always been confused about it though. And when the music reality shows came into light, I wanted to be a singer but then I wasn't good enough. I still remember your first audition. Well, wait. Where am I going, eh? So, I wanted to say that you're an inspiration. Really. I actually started blogging because of you. The very first blog I had come across in my life was yours. I was 15 and I actually read all your blog posts(I'm sorry about that) xD Blogging gave me so much. I actually found out what I wanted to be and I met so many other people who always encouraged me and it was possible only because of you. I wanted to go for literature but it's another thing that I'm an engineering student right now. :P But at least I know what I really want. I hope I get them all. I guess I haven't stopped dreaming yet. I hope I am strong enough to make my dreams come true.

  4. We all certainly have the ability to make great things happen for ourselves. But hard work can only take us so far. We need guts and willingness to take risks. This spirit of risk-taking continues to launch many people into a new life and new business opportunities.

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  6. Wow.. truly inspiring words:-). We certainly have just one life but so much in the " to-do list".. One life is just not enough. Thanks for this wonderful post. :-) Liked your blog.. :-)

  7. Sarabdeep Singh Manchanda5:51 PM

    Hi Chang just hit into your this one......ya its true....nostalgic and yes a simple depiction of has been going on in the minds of "Young Indians"........All of us are born geniuses but then time and again opportunity is what makes all the difference.......accepted that opportunities come knocking but the door has to be opened......but sometimes its just that the door has such wrath inside that it just cannot be opened for anyone..........doors that are usually opened are well oiled doors that have been maintained in good condition by the people in good conditions........
    Anyhow i really enjoyed the read and remembered you as a school child......making comics in the class and getting very uneasy if someone like me gave a sneezy peak into those days your comics were refreshing and nowadays these blogs.................wishing OPEN DOORS to you my friend.............

  8. Sigh Chang! Can I somehow coax you to keep writing?? Interestingly, reading your blog made me nostalgic about mine. As a teenager in a small town, with not much stimulation but the books I would borrow and pawn, I used to maintain a blog with my thoughts and poetry. It was so long ago I had to google it to find it! But Thanks for sparking this nostalgia which prodded me to look for the dreamer in me. A 20 yr old who dared to dream from her tiny shell. :)

    Btw if you dont have enough things to do (:P) you can always check out that blog too.