Friday, December 14, 2012


Friends & well-wishers, this blog has always been about what is going on in my mind & life. Some of them have been deep & meaningful; others, superficial & shallow. This short post, however, is about a strong belief & I would request you to patiently go through it.

I am running the Mumbai Marathon 2012 in the capacity of a Dream Maker, supporting the cause of the Care for Elders via Concern India Foundation. The elders don't need our pity but they do deserve our selfless support in making the twilight of their lives a joyous one. It is imperative that we be there for them when they need us the most. For our elders have, for far too long, given us their all so that we could thrive, even at the cost of their own lives & desires. It is only fitting that we help them in every way we can. While taking care of them in a personal capacity & treating them well is the best thing you can do as a human being, reaching out to help those you can't aid directly is the next best step.

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2013

To this end, I have pledged to raise necessary funds for Concern India Foundation who will ensure its judicious distribution & make the elders they reach out to, self-sufficient & as fiercely independent as they were in their youth. These funds will make resources & medical facilities more easily accessible to those in need, and God knows there are many of them out there.

Please support me by contributing to this noble venture. You can click on the following link to donate: 

For something you believe in, no contribution is too small. I've already made mine, monetarily & otherwise. I now urge you, my well-wishers & friends to open your hearts & make someone's life better.