Monday, May 12, 2014


As I sat across the table with someone who'd once been much more than a friend & had then drifted apart owing to an acrimonious split , I couldn't help but smile. Here we were; friends again, talking for hours. Older. Wiser. Behaving like mature adults, who've (hopefully) put the rough times behind them. The serenity & unmarred beauty of that moment got me thinking....

When we look back at our younger, sometimes reckless & immature selves, do we wish we had the wisdom that we possess now to tackle the situations better, choose the right friends & lovers, make the correct decisions, be more successful, perhaps hurt lesser? Or would we rather we made all the mistakes we did to learn as we went and earned that wisdom through experience, even at the cost of heartbreak, deceit & disappointment? Would one be full of regret or would they see the silver lining and grow old in the knowledge that their's was a rich life full of myriad experiences? 

If we could really time travel, would we change our past (and therefore our future), or would we live it again, exactly the way it was, with its' pretty imperfections?

What would we do?

Think about it. And answer this one very, very carefully. 


  1. I am kind of happy with my past because no matter how it turned out to be later on, I had the best moments of my life that time and I wouldn't want to change that experience

  2. Anonymous11:09 PM

    If we could truly time-travel, it would be wiser to go into the future and see what you have become of Ur self and who has made it with you on the journey. That way, if something does not seem quite right or resonate with the idea you had of Ur future, you can come back to the present and thus, change your future for the better.

    Was nice seeing u yesterday, Chang.

    Luv n rgds,
    Ranjit Rodricks

  3. Exactly the question that has been on my mind for a while now. And I the answers are going to be as varied as our thoughts. If what happened to us in the past left a smile on our face, we'd want to go back and relive it. But if by any chance we were hurt, or someone else was, no matter how much time changes this feeling, no matter how much we learn and grow wiser, given a chance...we'd want to go back and do it right this time. I guess we're just wired this way!

  4. Anonymous2:11 PM

    What an aptly title for us to ponder upon of our past life experiences - whether we could have made better and wiser decisions on some past failed events especially those hurting ones.

    It merely is the reflection of change with time and the maturity of oneself to ask this question. The modern youths prefer to learn it the hard way ( oops! not so for some minority ) but to experience the good, the bad and the ugly of life as an individual rather than being prompted or heeded to advice of others who have actually gone through some of life's pain and gain experiences.

    Whether one should regret, feel sorry or foolishly think of taking the same route to failed decisions of the past is not important. What is important is to learn from past mistakes and move on.

  5. Hi Meiyang! was very inspired by your radio One interview today. Interesting how you followed your heart and transitioned from being a dentist to a succesful artiste and tv/film personality. Am at similar crossroads but haven't been able to jump the trench. I am an artist and singer trapped in a corporate role. You can view my art on my blog . Wish you luck!:)

    1. That's quite a talent you have there Kasturi. I hope that you continue to pursue it despite your corporate commitments. Keep at it & you could have an opportunity to display it to the world one day :)

  6. Anonymous6:30 PM

    haha no thankyou.....I prefer to walk with the time. - apg