Friday, April 04, 2014


Wisdom & popular belief have us convinced that one really gets time to absorb life & it's true meaning when they travel far & wide. 

Logic dictates that jaunts out into the big, bad world beyond the warm, comfortable womb of home provide space for reflection. 

A person is undoubtedly busiest in their own home & untrammelled by shackles of responsibility when they travel. All of this indicates the obvious, and yet, while I love travel more than most things, Mumbai my city is the only place where I get TIME to THINK.  

Some travel to forget, some set out to fill the mind with fantasies & the fantastic. Yet others seek the unfamiliar & the treacherous, the thrill & adventure of experiences both enriching and wanton. Many a writer, poet, musician, stand-up comedian etc find inspiration in their sojourns. There's no doubt that my mind too is most at peace on terrains both familiar & otherwise; the silent mountains, the sunny beaches, the cobbled streets. 

But it is here in my city, within the chaos, heat, traffic and people both innocently bare & craftily concealed, that I get an omniscient sense of clarity. In a tough to explain way, I find special peace & a zeal to excel in this madness. And predictably enough, in this serenity within the chaos, I too wrestle an all-consuming weariness & a prodigious urge to relinquish my ceremonial throne.

In that convoluted, contradicting island of humanity that is Mumbai, I bite into my manna and sip freely of my poison. I die a little now & then and rise from the ashes every single day.

I'm a May fly & Phoenix rolled into one. 

I am me.

I am many people.


  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Great to see you writing and updating your blog again after a long silence. Have missed them much. So, keep writing.....know you need to find time to do so out from your busy work schedules.

    1. Thank you Anonymous. Over time I've realised that it's more about finding the inspiration than time. A wise person once said that there's never enough time; you have to MAKE time for people & things you love.

  2. finally a post after long time :) happy ^_^ u r among my fav singers :) i follow u ever since i saw u in Indian Idol :D yes u must keep writing :D coz u r good at it.. u r multitalented :D all d best for future endeavour :)

  3. Wonderful Meiyang..! It's beautiful, soothing and serene to be able to relate to the serenity that lies within the chaos! And then to seek inspired from that soothing serenity and nothingness - that's what perhaps when one goes to Mumbai...! You can never get done with the city for you will have something new all the time that will always capture your attention!

    P.S. - I've been here after a long time and you too seem to have been sailing in a similar boat! Keep writing dear..! There'd be many more minds like mine, left pleasantly surprised and inspired with such a soliloquy :)

  4. Anonymous8:37 AM

    A talented guy like you should get out of India. I felt this same sentiment 20 yrs ago in my early twenties growing up in Bangalore and quit india shortly thereafter. Best decision I made............strangely enough I spent the last 10 yrs often travelling to China often on business. What a fantastic country and people with a sense of purpose. India is "No Country For Honest Folks".

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      I'm glad to hear of your success story as well as the joy it brings you. I, however, love this country too much in spite of it's horrifying pitfalls. That is not to say that I did not consider going overseas. I was to go abroad for my further dental studies before Indian Idol happened. I'd love to stay here, make my mark & hopefully make a difference as well.