Friday, September 05, 2014


He's been very, very restless over the last few days. It could be the niggling sore throat, or the fact that his mind is dragging him into deep contemplation. Ha! As if that wasn't a problem already.

You see, he has ambitions, temptations, dreams, fantasies just like you. Add a dash here or there and they're smaller or bigger than yours; zanier or blander than yours. But whether he faces success or rejection, joy or heartbreak, his mental rumination poses him that one dreaded question. WHAT is the point of all of this? Whether you get it or lose it all, where does this path lead?

We live full lives, run through the gamut of  experiences, wound, heal, love, help, hurt. We do everything by the book and out of the box. We help others as much as we help ourselves. We live for the moment & we plan for the long run. We see the glass half empty, half full, fully empty or fully full. Sometimes, we don't even see the glass. 

We're considerate and we're egoistic. We're good & we're evil. We're saints and also sinners. We are charitable & spendthrift. We are introspective & frivolous. Selfish yet philanthropic. 

Everything that a life is meant to be and more, may we live that and beyond. And even if we do, WHAT is the purpose behind it all? Love completes, they say. Is that the answer? Or is it? Is it a full stop? Then what's the rest of this life for?

How much success, love, good karma, experiences great and foul must run their course before he gets an answer? If we are every permutation of everything a human being is meant to be & do or not, what then?

Too many questions.
And a restless mind.

To be or not to be. Now that is NOT a question. Damn you Will! 

To BE! But to what end?

How will he sleep tonight? Will he? At all?