Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Photo credit: Ritesh Uttamchandani

Rise - above pettiness, hypocrisy and lies (unless they’re white).
Rise - above envy, hatred and everything that makes us fight.

Rise - above the person you are today, to become a better version of you.
Rise - beyond your reality; let none say you can't live life anew.

Rise - above your ego, before it rises above YOU.
Rise - above your possessions, because many have only a few.

Rise - higher than the sun; that, is your place in the sky.
Rise - because the question is "WHY NOT?", not a silly "WHY?".

And if all this seems too difficult, take my hand.
Together we ought to,
Together we must,
Together we can!

Virtue, integrity, morality; our battle hard-fought,
A better world is not a myth, a lost ideal it is not.


(This particular poem is inspired by my very talented friends Ritesh Uttamchandani & Victor Mukherjee.)